December 10

The days we are living may look dark and hopeless, but I want you to know that help is on the way!  The situation you might be facing may seem as though it has no possible good outcome, but I want you to know that help is on the way!  You may have gotten news that your health is failing and you are concerned, but I want you to know that help is on the way!  You may be financially strapped and worried about where the funds will come to pay the bills, but I want you to know that help is on the way!

Today I should have read Isaiah 30 in my reading time, but I “accidentally” read Isaiah 35.  I just found out last night about a deep trial that a couple I know and love is going through.  I spoke with the husband this morning before starting my Bible reading to try to give him some encouragement.  I then read this “wrong” verse (I know it was not the wrong verse, but God’s way of leading my heart to be able to help them): “Say to them that are of a fearful heart, ‘Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompense; He will come and save you’” (Isaiah 35:4).

Did you catch that?  When your heart is fearful, don’t turn to doubt and question God’s wisdom … realize that Heavenly help is on the way!  When you and I face our deepest trials, we need to realize that it is there in the “valley of the shadow of death” that the rod and staff of our Shepherd come to offer the exact help we need.  That “still, small voice” did not come to Elijah at the time of his greatest victory on Mt. Carmel.  God touched His heart while he was hiding in the deepest cave of despair in the cave on a forgotten mountainside. 

We each must admit that when we are riding the top of the wave … when we are viewing life from the mountaintop … when all the bills are paid … when the dentist says, “No cavities (ok, that just may be one of my dreams) … at these times we often ignore or neglect God.  But when the fears of life threaten to overwhelm us … when the worst news we could imagine comes to us … these are the times we fall on our faces before God, and He begins that full out sprint toward us. 

Notice the phrase in the verse “… God will come with vengeance.”  God does not nonchalantly wander in our direction when we are in this fearful and needy position.  He comes with vengeance!  He is coming full-steam ahead to rescue us.  So, today, whatever you may be facing … realize that Heavenly help is on His way!  He has all you will ever need!

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