December 3

How many of us read the Word of God as though it is a book of suggestions, rather than the actual words from God?  How many times do we read our Bible with the idea that it was good for those who lived during the times it was written, but it is not so for us today?  How many times have we thought that the Bible really is only for a select few, but certainly its promises are not for us to claim?  Today I would like you to consider something that God wrote about Abraham.  “Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoke, ‘So shall thy seed be’” (Romans 4:18).

God made a promise to Abraham that his descendants would be in number like the stars in the sky and the sands on the shore.  In other words, God promised Abraham that he would not be able to count how many children would come from his lineage.  The problem came as Abraham grew older and older without having children.  His faith was going to be tested.  I have found that God often does not allow me to see the fruit of my faith immediately.  Faith by its very definition requires believing what we have not seen.  Abraham believed God, and God counted that for righteousness to him. 

In this verse above, we get to peek into the heart of Abraham.  We realize that his faith had to stand against his own doubts.  The verse says that Abraham chose to believe God even when his hope was weak.  He had reached the age of 100 without seeing the reality of his faith.  I am sure that his human hope was fading, but he chose to trust in God anyway.  His hope was weak, but His faith in God bolstered him to continue to hope in spite of what seemed to be impossible. God’s plan for our lives requires living by faith.  God will purposely put us in positions that require faith to continue on.  Don’t give up on God because your own hope fades.  Follow the example of Abraham who “against hope believed in hope.”  If you will trust God and hope in His plan, there will be a day that you see it come to completion and your faith will become sight.  If you bale out early, and you trust your feelings and emotions rather than the promise and hand of God on your life, you will never see the result of God’s promise to you.  The greatest blessings of the Christian life come from the times that “against hope” you will choose to “believe in hope.”  Don’t quit early on the plan of God for your life.  God has the answer and provision for you lying just on the other side of your faith!

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