July 26

Throughout my life, I have faced many enemies that caused me fear, and sometimes defeat. When I was younger, I feared the neighborhood bully; as I got older, the enemies changed from a neighborhood bully, to financial challenges. Our family faced the enemy of cancer with my mother, and we faced by-pass surgery with my father. However, all these enemies pale in comparison to the enemy I am writing about today. The enemy I am writing about that is my worst enemy is one I cannot escape. This enemy follows me everywhere I go, and even plagues me when I am lying in bed to sleep. I think you have already guessed that this enemy is me.

Today I read, “Many a time have they afflicted me from my youth: yet they have not prevailed against me” (Psalm 129:2). And then I read a bit further, “The LORD is righteous: he hath cut asunder the cords of the wicked” (Psalm 129:4). I know that the writer of this chapter may have been referring to physical enemies that were pursuing him, but I thought about the things that are within me that battle with the Holy Spirit within me every day. There are many things that come to my mind as I honestly consider how I stand before God.

Pride is a constant enemy to my spiritual growth. I might have victory over pride one day, but it renews its attack on md the next morning. Pride follows me everywhere I go, and it is waiting for me to have a moment of weakness. It seems to especially attack me on Sundays, and most of the time when I am at church; teaching or preaching. I also am pursued by jealously. I see others who don’t seem to walk with God having great success, and I am tempted to want what they have, and to enjoy the benefits of their success.

I am pursued by anger. It does not take much to lose my temper, but it takes incredible control to maintain my control in difficult situations. Another enemy who seems to constantly be following me are the triplets of worry, fear, and doubt. I look around me at the world we are living in, and these three come charging my way. I am disappointed to confess that I often succumb to the pressure they put on me.

The beauty of these verses I read today gives me incredible hope. These enemies pursue me many times, but they have no power to prevail against me, as long as I maintain a close walk with the Lord. He has the ability to cut asunder the cords of these wicked things. The Holy Spirit within me is greater than any enemy conjured up from my sin nature. The key for me today is to surrender the power of my life to the Holy Spirit!