June 26

We have a grandson whose birthday is in October. Almost every time I call to talk with him, he tells me what he wants for his birthday. A few months ago he wanted me to get him a big Godzilla figure. Then last week I called him, and he told me that he wanted Big Foot. Just yesterday I called him, and he told me that he wants King Louie … and a puppy. While I am not sure he knows what he really wants, he sure does know that he wants something. I will also tell you that he never misses an opportunity to tell me what he wants. When I am talking with our daughter, I hear him in the background asking if it is Poppy on the phone. He definitely has an agenda, but he also has a one-track mind!

Today I read, “With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments” (Psalm 119:10). Just like our grandson is looking for a gift for his October birthday in June, I want to have a heart that constantly searches the Word of God for the riches it contains. I want to have a one-track mind when it comes to searching for the will of God for my life in its pages. When I think about the treasures that can only be found in the Word of God, it gives me an insatiable desire to find the blessings God has for me in it.

The real reason for my desire to have a one-track mind is the latter part of the verse. The psalmist wrote that he did not want to wander from the commandments of the Word of God. The hymn writer admitted that he was prone to wander. I must admit, that as much as I want to live for God right now, it is not always that way. I find myself easily drifting from biblical character traits. I don’t think I am any different than any of you reading this devotional. I need to continually run to the Bible to maintain a correct relationship with my Heavenly Father. Just like our grandson never misses a chance to ask me about his birthday present (still some three-plus months away), I want to be constantly pursuing God and His Word to see the blessings He has for me in His Word. The beauty of the illustration of our grandson is found in my desire to give him what he wants (when he finally decides what that is). I want to get him something that will make him smile like only he can smile. I want to give him the thing that will make his day. God also wants to help me in every way He can. He has great things for me in His Word, and I want to search for them daily. I want Him to have my full focus when I open my Bible. I want to find all the blessings He has for me there. I want to whole-heartedly pursue these gifts with a singular mind!

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