February 28

We are living in a time of crisis for finding appropriate role models. It is a dilemma because of a number of reasons (in my opinion). First, there is a tremendous lack of qualified people to follow. Second, those people often don’t want anyone following them, and do all they can to discourage it. Third, we are choosing the wrong people to follow.

As you can tell by the title of today’s devotional, I want to encourage you to make Jesus your role model. There are a number of reasons that Jesus is a great choice. First, He is the only perfect role model we can follow. Second, one of the purposes of His coming here to earth was to create the perfect example for us to follow. Third, following Him will alleviate many of the problems we face when we do follow someone else.

Invariably others will fail us. Many young preacher boys have followed other famous preachers in their style and mannerisms. Most, if not all, of those preacher boys found that the style of that preacher was his and did not work for them. Beyond that, each of the preachers they followed were simply human, and each had and have their flaws.

I find that we often elevate people to positions of role model who do not deserve that place. We honor athletes who are skilled in a sport, but have horrible behavioral issues off the court, or field. We honor wealthy people who have gained significant riches but have lives that are spiraling out of control. Many young people try to emulate movie stars or musicians … enough said …

James wrote some wonderful advice to all of us as believers. “My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons” (James 2:1). James expanded on this point in later verses, but he begins by telling us that as believers, Jesus Christ ought to be our benchmark. He ought to be our goal. His character should be the pinnacle we are aiming for as the model for our own character.

Let me end with this thought … how different would our world be if everyone made Jesus their role model? If all of us were using Jesus as our benchmark for what success in our lives, think about how differently we would look at others; think about our money; consider our service in our local church; and how we would read our Bible. Now, think about this … how different would our world be if every Christian made Jesus their role model / benchmark? This is a sobering thought. It is possible, but it will require us to take a backseat, and allow Christ absolute control. Do it today!

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