January 9

I love to drive up into the New England area and look at the stately older churches that are found in the quaint towns of the area.  Many look like they could be on a postcard, or in a calendar.  I have seen many that have large, tall pillars in the front.  I love the look of those pillars.  A few years ago, we were having a meeting in a church that had six pillars across the front of the porch of the church that extended a good thirty-five to forty feet high.  I was standing at the base of the pillars admiring them when my eyes drifted to the base of the pillars.  The pillars had been neglected, and they were all rotting at the bottom.

We visited the oldest Baptist Church in America in Providence, Rhode Island later and were able to tour this incredibly beautiful church.  Between the outside section of pews and the inner section of pews were pillars supporting the roof.  They were beautiful, impressive pillars, about three to four feet around at the bottom, and extending a good fifty feet high. The pastor that was giving us the tour explained that inside each pillar was the trunk of a real oak tree.  He explained that some of those trees had begun to rot, and they took the exterior wood off to put steel bands around the trunks of those oak trees to keep them stable.

The Bible says, “Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars” (Proverbs 9:1).  God has given us a book full of wisdom.  Our Bible ought to become the pillar that we base our convictions and behavior upon.  The good news is that the Bible has never needed any “cosmetic surgery” to hold it together!  It has never rotted at it base for all these years we have had it!  I am so thankful that it has stood the test of time.  But why would I think that it would do anything but that?  After all, it is absolute truth; and regardless of how much things change, truth remains the same!  Our Bible has not needed revisions.  It has never needed a spiritual face-lift.  It has remained the same over all these years, because it is true! The pillars of your life need to be the wisdom of the Word of God.  Don’t allow some cheap substitute to take the place of your Bible!  That would mean to trust the Bible more than the opinions of the TV news anchor.  It would mean that I will trust the Bible more than the opinions of my co-workers, or fellow students.  It would mean that I trust the Bible more than the traditions of a religious belief.  I need to trust the Bible even more than the opinions of my friends or family!  The Bible is my pillar of wisdom, not the shifting thoughts and opinions of men!  In a world that seems to change by the minute, I am thankful for a never-changing standard to follow!

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