May 28

If I were to base my opinions on what the world needs today on the things I read in the newspaper, or see on the television, I would be very confused.  I am thankful for my faithful friend, the Bible.  Every morning as I open it, and read through its pages, hope come alive in me again.  Today I read of verses that speak directly to the subject of hope.  The first verse says, “My soul fainteth for Thy salvation: but I hope in Thy word” (Psalm 119:81).  There are honestly times every day that it seems I am looking for the return of our Savior and our ultimate salvation.  In those times, the Word of God holds all the hope I need.  I realize that every promise made to me in that book will eventually come to pass.

The second verse that touched my heart and took the thought just a little further for me was found in the book of Proverbs.  “Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things” (Proverbs 28:5).  Let me be very clear.  I understand that I am no better than anyone else in this world, including the worst sinner alive.  I am simply a sinner that has been saved by the grace of God.  But … according to this verse in Proverbs, my walk with God and my commitment to live out the principles in the Word of God is the hope for this world!

We are living in a time in history where men and women are searching for something they can place their hope in.  They are not finding it in the financial markets.  They are not finding it in drugs and alcohol.  They are not finding it in being sexually active outside marriage.  They have not found it in education, or the pursuit of it.  The only place that actual hope can be found is in a vibrant, living relationship with Christ Himself.  For that reason, we who have this hope in Christ, have the answer that the world is so desperately searching for today.  Jesus told us that we are to be the salt and light for the world today.  That means that we have a responsibility, not to fit in to our society, but to stand out from it. 

We have the responsibility to show the difference that a genuine relationship with Christ can have on a person.  There is no doubt that this is the plan that God had in mind when Jesus told those 120 people in Acts 1 that they were going to be witnesses for Him in this world.  The question for today is not whether we are to be salt and light (the Bible makes it clear that we are).   The question today is whether we are bringing the message of hope to the world, or have we hidden our light under the bushel of conformity?  Evil men have no hope for recognizing Christ, if we fail to represent Him where we go today.  Realize that you might very well be the only hope left for someone you pass.

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