May 26

I am so thankful to God for my Bible.  In a world that has far more questions than answers, I am glad to have a Book that has even more answers than I have questions!  I was reading Revelation 1 just a few days ago, and saw a verse that I have marked as the key verse in the book.  “Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter” (Revelation 1:19). 

The Bible God has given us is not limited by our human limitations.  It is an eternal book.  It is the Word of God, so it does not have the “normal” limitations that we have.  The truths held in the Bible are true (that sounds like a stupid statement, but it is true).  Truth has no expiration date.  Truth is always going to be true, regardless of what generation it appears.  The Bible we hold in our hands contains the words of life.  It has all that we have ever needed, and will ever need.

This verse tells us that the Bible is good for understanding three things.  It is good for the things that have happened earlier (“the things which thou hast seen”); it is good for understanding the things that are happening now (“the things which are”); and it is good for helping us to know what is going to happen in the future (“the things which shall be hereafter”)!  Ask your morning newspaper to do that!  Ask your favorite news station on TV, or on the internet to do that!  Ask your weatherman to do that!  The reality is that man has tried to duplicate that, but all have failed.

We can depend on the historical information that is contained in our Bible.  It is 100% accurate … must to the demise of the skeptics, doubters, and Atheists!  We can depend on the Bible to tell us what the events happening around us today mean to us.  I have been amazed over and over again as I hear of current events that are falling into place as the Bible predicted just like a puzzle piece falls into the remaining empty place.  Because of these two evidences of the authenticity of my Bible, I am equally sure that the things that are written on its pages that tell me what will happen in the future will come about just like it says as well.

I don’t need to worry or fret about what is coming tomorrow.  The reason for that is that my Bible gives me assurance that even though things may look like they are out of control right now, God still is in the “driver’s seat.”  For me, that means all is well.  As one Gospel song put it … “I’ve read the back of the BOOK … and we win!”  What comfort I find in the book with all the answers.  Don’t neglect your Bible today.  It is worth the time to read it!

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