July 23

When we first came out of Bible College, we took a position in a small church near my home town. We accepted the position of youth/music Pastor. When we arrived at the church there were only six to ten teens in the youth group. We were excited, and I think they were as well. I had to work in order to live, but we poured our hearts into the ministry at this wonderful church, and these wonderful teens. Every week, Terry would meet one-on-one with each girl in our youth group, and I would meet with the guys. As the group grew, we were not able to maintain that schedule, but in the early days it was wonderful. I will also say that I believe the growth we experienced was a direct result of that mentoring ministry.

One of the young men that I met with was extremely burdened for his father. His mother and father had gotten a divorce while he was a young teenager. Every week, as I met with him, we would do a short Bible study, and then we would share personal prayer requests with each other. His top request was to see his dad become saved, and for his mother and father to re-unite. The entire time we spent at this church, this young man and I prayed for his father. After one and a half years in that church, God moved us about two hours south to a different church. I continued to keep contact with this young man, and followed his steps through High School and into college.

I will never forget the day he called me about eight-years after we had started praying for his father. He was almost finished college, and I could tell by his voice that something exciting had happened. He said, “You’re never going to believe what happened! My dad got saved, and he and my mother are getting married again!” I can tell you where I was standing when I got that phone call. This young man and I had prayed, and prayed, and prayed for his dad, and God had miraculously answered prayer! I don’t know what you are praying for that  you think is almost impossible, but I want to tell you that nothing is impossible with our God!

Today I read, “When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream” (Psalm 126:1). Take courage today. Something that you think is impossible, is absolutely possible for our incredible God. Are you praying for a wayward family member? God can free you from your captors! One of the most precious things about the story I told you above, is that I attend the same church as this young man’s father and mother. Every week I see them serving God, I think … It’s almost too good to be true! Nothing is too good to be true with our God!

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