July 6

There is something about knowing that you are safe and secure wherever you happen to find yourself. It is interesting the things that make us feel safe and secure. When I was a boy, the presence of my father in a room did it for me. I was sure that there was nothing my father could not handle. I told all my neighbors that my father could beat up their fathers if it ever came down to a fist-fight. As I grew older, I found safety and security when I was among my friends at college. I felt like my buddies would stand for me and would stand up for me against anyone, or anything that might come our way.

As I grew older, I enjoyed the feeling that I got when I finished talking to our friend who helps with our finances. His assurances are comforting to me, and I feel that, with God’s help, we will be safe in the future. It is funny, but when I walk into a prison to preach, as soon as I am around the prisoners who have come to the meeting, I feel safe and secure. I honestly believe that if anything happened while I was inside those walls that these brothers in Christ would protect me and stand up for me.

As I have written about each of these things, I realize that there are limitations to each of them. My dad, who I thought could beat anyone up if needed, will be eighty-three in a week or two. My friends in college … I have not seen most of them for years. Our finances, even under the control of a man we trust with our last dollar, are dependent upon the economy. What is happening??? Don’t worry, the anchor for my soul has not moved!!

Today I read, “For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven” (Psalm 119:89). Ten incredibly powerful words to soothe my soul today! Regardless of those people, or things that brought me security in the past, I know that the Word of God will hold me today, but it will also hold me throughout eternity! If you are not into reading your Bible on a regular basis now, you most certainly will be when you arrive in Heaven. The Word of God is settled, not only here on the earth, but in Heaven as well! I am thankful for the encouragement from parents, youth workers, and pastors in my life time who have told me to build my life on the foundational truths of the Bible. Even though we have seen shifting sands in our nation, and in the world, the Bible has not moved. The Bible is settled. It is settled here on earth, and it will be the same when we arrive in Heaven. I am glad that my safety and security is not found in a man, but in the never-changing truths of the Bible!

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