March 4

Two nights ago, we had 50+ mile-per-hour winds howling around our area. The wind had been howling all day long. We started having rain, that eventually turned to snow. The snow was a heavy, wet snow. The combination of the wet snow, coupled with the incredible winds, caused a great deal of damage in our area. Just before going to bed, I learned that my cousin and his family had some large trees fall directly onto their dining room, living room area. They had a branch right through their ceiling. With all the wind, and all the snow, and all the trees falling, I ventured downstairs and fell sound asleep.

You might say that I chose to ignore the danger around me. That is not true at all. I simply decided that I would rather trust God in the middle of the storm, than to worry and fret about what “might” happen. Psalm 4:8 says, “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.” My cousin and his family were safe. Their house will need a great deal of work, but they are safe. They went back into their house and slept that night (the damage was on the other end of the house from their bedrooms). Their house can be repaired.

The next morning after the storm, I woke up and found an email telling me that one of my friend’s mother had passed away during the storm. She was near death before the storm (she did not pass away because of the storm). His email said this: “God calmed the storm a few minutes ago and graciously took Mom to heaven.” Only a Christian could write an email like this and really mean it. This confidence comes because we have a God Who is able to take His children to Heaven when their physical life on this earth ends.

While my cousins home can be repaired, my friends mother needs no repair! She left this earth and opened her eyes to streets of gold! She left the pain and pressures of this world to realize complete peace and contentment in Heaven! As a Christian, I am not oblivious to the troubles in the world we live in, but I can have complete peace, knowing that my Heavenly Father is in complete control!

When you are tempted to fret and worry about the storms of life that are happening all around us, remember these words of comfort from David. Lay down and sleep in peace. Your God has everything under control, and He has the power to take care of whatever it is you are facing today. Storms will come and go, but our God remains the same! Praise God!

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