May 11

The officers answered, ‘Never man spake like this man’” (John 7:46).

There never was a preacher like Jesus, and there never will be one like Him.  He is the most unique person to ever walk on this earth.  There was never a mistaken word that came from Him mouth when teaching or preaching.  He never had His own agenda, but always spoke the words that would please His Heavenly Father the most.  The things that Jesus spoke by way of teaching and preaching should be specially noted in our hearts because of these statements.

Jesus spoke with an authority that even His critics could not deny came from God.  These same people who would cry, “Crucify Him!  Crucify Him!” were admitting here that He had authority that they had never heard before.  The message of Jesus was clearly from God Himself.  The things that He spoke about had nothing to do with promoting Himself as a great orator, or in becoming some kind of political leader.  Jesus’ words carried weight and depth.  They were uncommon words that had not been heard before.  So much of what had been done under the umbrella of religious teaching and preaching were “man-made” concepts and ideas.  Jesus’ teaching and preaching were straight from the brain-trust of the God-head.  There was no human influence in the words.

I want to be a teacher and preacher like Jesus was.  I don’t want to go about creating my own agenda today.  I don’t want to waste time on dialogue that fits what I think is most important in the world today.  I want to be so close to my Savior that the words I use will be chosen by His Holy Spirit, and will touch the lives of the people I am going to be around today.  I want my advice to hit the mark that will help the person receiving it in the most effective way.  I want my words of comfort to come from the Comforter.  Just like Jesus, I want to be so close to my Heavenly Father that the words that come out of me will not be my words, but His words flowing through me.

Today is a precious gift of God.  He will direct our paths to cross the paths of people who desperately need Him.  Will we share our own wisdom today, or will we share the wisdom that comes from walking closely with the Savior?  Jesus was distinguished because of the words He spoke were directly from the Father.  Will people be able to tell that I have spent time with Jesus today?  Will people be able to recognize His influence on my life by the way I speak today?  I believe we are living in a world today that is desperately searching for Jesus.  I am praying that I will show them Jesus in me today!

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