May 13

Each of us has a coveted position in the center of our heart.  We have a throne from which all decisions are made.  The occupant of that throne decides the direction we will go in.  That direction determines the kinds of fruit we will see produced in our lives for that time.  That fruit will re-produce other fruit of that same kind and the process continues to repeat itself over and over again.  It all starts from the throne room of your heart.  Take a look there this morning.  The plans you have made for this new day have started there.  The people you will touch, or miss are depending on you to have the right person on the throne of your heart.  Your husband/wife … your children … your co-workers will all know who is on the throne of your heart by the actions they see come out of your life.

Jesus said, “He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory: but he that seeketh his glory that sent him, the same is true, and no unrighteousness is in him” (John 7:18).  Think about this for a moment … if anyone could have taken that position on the throne of his own heart, it would have been Jesus.  Jesus said these words to help us realize that it is not our will that is important, but God’s will for us that should be our focus.  Today is a precious gift from God.  Will you use it for the things God designed you to do, or will you use it for your own glory?  Jesus obviously surrendered His will to God every day He lived here on the earth.  He fulfilled the will of God all the way through the cross and the tomb, to His ascension. 

I have come to realize more and more that God made each of us unique.  In that uniqueness, He has gifted each of us differently for the purpose of bringing the maximum glory to Himself.  He then places unique opportunities in from of us each day that we are perfectly made to match.  God is dependent upon us to function within His will the best that we can for His maximum glory!  Today is one of those special opportunities.  If you are the mother of young children, be the best godly mother you can be today.  If you are a construction worker, do the absolute best job that anyone could do with the skill-set that you have.  If you are a preacher, beg God for His message to touch your heart so you can preach the exact thing He wants you to say.  If you are a grass-cutter, don’t miss a blade today for the glory of God!

I believe God has given us each these responsibilities to do in all the places we will go today.  We are the army of the Lord … let’s do His will to the fullest!  Determine to keep Christ on the throne of your heart today!  Only you can decide who will sit on that throne.  Choose Christ!

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