May 6

Multiple times every day I am faced with challenges that I cannot handle on my own.  I have a decision to make at that point … will I depend on my own strength and solution, or will I depend upon God?  As a grandfather, I have gotten a whole new look at life.  I have noticed our grandchildren struggling with the smallest of tasks as they are exploring and growing up.  They might be trying to open a clasp, or roll a ball, or something else that I have done thousands of times.

I watch them struggle and struggle, while I sit waiting for them to ask me for some help.  I want to help, and I am able to help, but I will not help until they ask me for help.  I have noticed as they grow older that this behavior still holds true.  The things they will attempt to do become more difficult, but their lack of experience, or size still offers them the challenge.  I find myself in the same situation; wanting to help, and being able to help, but not being asked to help. 

Our Heavenly Father must feel the same.  He has all the answers, and all the solutions for whatever we will face for the day, but we often do not ask for his help.  Today I was reading about the children of Israel, and all the troubles they were facing.  The Bible says that they finally came to the place where they saw their need and turned to God.  “Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and He delivered them out of their distresses” (Psalm 107:6).

The chapter continues to list other challenges that came their way, and they had to go through the process again of realizing that they could not handle the tough times in life without the help of God.  I have noticed that my life is just like the lives of our grandchildren.  When I cross one hurdle, one challenge, there is always a second, seemingly more difficult challenge waiting on the other side of that one for me.  Life is like that!  I believe God allows these difficulties to cross our paths so we will continue to depend upon Him.

Just as I wait for our grandchildren to ask for my help for something they are struggling with, that I have done many times before; God is waiting in Heaven for my call.  He has conquered all the challenges and enemies that I will face today, multiple times before, and He is always victorious!  I am thankful that our God loves us so much that He desires to help us through the difficult times.  When trouble comes today, turn to the Master of the universe Who has all the answers you will need!

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