May 7

I remember as a boy, singing the song, “Rescue the Perishing.”  The chorus of the song said, “Rescue the perishing … care for the dying … Jesus is merciful … Jesus will save.”  I believed that song when I was a child, and I still believe it today.  The reason I believe it, is two-fold.  First, I believe it because I have seen it happen throughout my life.  Second, I believe it because it is stated clearly in the Bible (the second reason is enough to believe it).  Today I read, “Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man.  Through God we shall do valiantly: for He it is that shall tread down our enemies” (Psalm 108:12-13).

As the Bible warned us, there are difficult times awaiting all people.  The only dependable “escape route” is God, Himself.  He is well able to secure your passage through the difficulties of life.  The question of the day is not whether troubles will come … because they will … the real question is whether you will trust God when these things come?  I know two things: troubles come to every person; and God can handle whatever trouble comes our way.

Recently we went on a boat ride with a pastor friend of ours.  He was a very experienced boatman, and none of us riding along were.  We started out our day with a beautiful ride across the waters to an island.  As we exited the boat, he attempted to anchor the boat, front and back, close to the island.  We got out and walked in shallow water onto the island.  As we walked around the island, marveling at the wildlife and the things that were on this island, the pastor excused himself to go check on the boat.  When we finally made our way around the island and back to where we exited the boat, we found him in the boat, trolling near the island. 

We tried to get back on the boat, but the waves kept pushing the boat into the sand.  We had no idea that this was a major problem.  We were smiling and trying to get into the boat.  After quite a struggle, we all managed to get into the boat and started back.  As we rode back, the pastor confessed that he was really nervous and a bit scared that we were in big trouble.  The funny thing was that he was the only one that was scared.  The rest of us had no idea about the trouble … we were just trusting the skill of our friend. I ought to be the same with my Heavenly Father today.  He offers us help for our everyday struggles.  We ought to rest in Him today and trust the Captain of our salvation.  God is well able to care for you today, regardless of what you are facing.  Just stay in the boat and keep smiling!

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