October 6

Have you ever felt that you were not equipped to do for God the thing He touched your heart to do?  Have you ever felt compelled to give to Missions, or in a special offering, or even to tithe, and you worried that you would not be able to pay your bills if you did?  Have you ever been asked to serve in your local church, and then looked at your abilities and felt that they came up way short of what would be needed?  Have you ever sat with a grieving friend or family member and had nothing to say?  All of us have had times in our lives when some of these things (or all of these things) have happened to us.

Today I read a sweet verse in the book of Exodus.  Moses was gathering materials needed to build the different pieces of furniture for the tabernacle.  He encouraged the people to bring what they had and leave it as a gift … an offering to God to be used for the construction of these things.  Exodus 36:7 says, “For the stuff they had was sufficient for all the work to make it, and too much.”  God knew that if everyone brought the “stuff” they had, and they all put their “stuff” together, that it would not only meet the need that was there, but it would exceed the need!

You may not feel adequate to do all that God is touching your heart to do.  You may be concerned as you write your check to give to missions or to tithe.  You may not be equipped to serve in the capacity that you have been asked to serve in your church.  You may not have the answers for all the hurting friends and family members and their problems.  I know that all these things are true … but I also know that God has the ability to take the “stuff” we bring to Him and to make it work for His glory.  I know that the little bit of “stuff” I have offered God has been multiplied much like the five loaves and two small fish of the lad in John 6.

Not only will God take the “stuff” you bring Him and use it, but He will give you a blessing in the process.  None of us can brag that we have done anything for God, but there is great rejoicing when we see God using the inferior “stuff” we place in His hands.  One thing I have noticed over my life-time … God is always enough!  I have handed God crumbs over my life-time, and He has created a banquet table filled with blessings!  I have given God simple, insignificant things, and He has used them to do things I did not think were possible to be accomplished.  Your “stuff” is not what is most important!  Placing the things God has given you back in His hands for His work is what is important.  If each of us will give God what we have today He will make sure that our “stuff” is enough!

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