September 6

Your glorying is not good.  Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump” (I Corinthians 5:6)?

You can shake your fist at God and think He is not listening … but you better be careful.  God is watching all that we do.  Any amount of pride that springs up within you is a dangerous amount.  I constantly hear Christians using the word “proud” when speaking about their children, family, church, pastor, team, or efforts.  Please be very careful.  A wise pastor asked me a good question early in my ministry.  He asked, “Who is the author of pride?”  The honest answer can be seen in Isaiah 14.  Satan / Lucifer / the Devil is the author of pride. 

In writing to this church in Corinth, Paul warned them about this very issue which had been raised within the church walls.  These folks were arguing about which spiritual leader had been the best in the history of their church.  Some argued that Apollos was the best … some that Crispus, or Gaius … some that Paul was the best.  The reality that Paul tried to stress to this church and to us today is that none of us is worthy of any praise of men.  Let’s face it, we all want the applause of men, but none of us deserves it, regardless of the good we have done.

I love the praise of men as much as anyone I know.  However, when I hear the praise of men, I become nervous.  I am very aware of how filthy I am when compared to a righteous God.  I have no ground to stand upon to plead my case, other than the blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God.  I am thankful for a Savior Who knew me in my sin, and loved me more than that sin.  I will be forever grateful for the grace and mercy that has been offered me, and that I have accepted.  I want to be very careful not to allow my own pride to take root in my life and grow some ugly proud plants!

We all need to pay attention to the warning Paul gave this church in Corinth.  It doesn’t take much pride to ruin a church, a family, or a person.  Rather than taking pride in your accomplishments, take time to thank God for the abilities He has given you.  Take the time to thank Him for the opportunities He has given you.  Take time to thank God for demonstrating His blessing on your life.  Take some time to glory in God!  He is worthy of your praise and attention all the time.  Remember where you were before God reached out to you, and live humbly before Him today!

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