August 1

Recently, I took two of our granddaughters to one of their favorite stores. Everything in the store is supposed to cost less than five dollars. They each had about seven dollars, and could not wait to get to the store. As they made their way around the store (filled with junk, in my opinion), their eyes lit up with joy as they saw all the “incredible” opportunities available to them with the money they had in their hands. They each were able to buy three things. By the time we arrived home some twenty minutes later, two of their three purchases had already broken.

I could not help but think about so many things I had gotten in my life, thinking they were going to be the next greatest thing, only to find out that they were broken and gone long before I got to use them. Promises are made that sound grandiose, but often fall short of completion. Cars are supposed to last for mile after mile, but often break down far short of the goal. Companies that give a guarantee go out of business, leaving you with a piece of worthless paper that will help you with nothing. This is the world we live in … but there is one thing that we can depend upon.

Our Bible reminds us that “Thy name, O LORD, endureth for ever; and thy memorial, O LORD, throughout all generations” (Psalm 135:13). If we build our hopes and dreams on someone or something here on the earth, we are going to be sadly disappointed many times. If we build our hopes and dreams on the Lord, Whose name will remain the same throughout all generations, we will be on solid footing! I know that this is a review that you might not think you needed today, but I find that I need to be reminded of the fundamental truths for my life on a daily basis.

You might be facing a problem today that seems to have no solution, or may be in a difficult spot, and you are unsure of where to turn. Remember this verse. You have a God in Heaven Who will be the same tomorrow as He is today, and will never fail you. Rather than fretting about what is in front of you, run to the Master for protection and help. He will never be on vacation, or sleeping, or disinterested in what you are facing. He will always have the solution to the challenges of your life. Sometimes in these difficulties, the presence of God becomes sweeter as you draw nearer to Him.

One thing you can be sure about … He will be ready to help. He is able to help. He will bring the answer you need at  exactly the time you need it. We have an eternal God Who is not restricted by time or space. He is our hope and our confidence for the days ahead. Trust His eternal name!

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