August 15

In my opinion, Every Christian ought to want to serve God with their life. God gave so much for we sinners to be redeemed from our sin, the least we can do is to give Him our lives. I am grateful that the Bible gives us multiple truths to help us to know how to do that in our daily walk. This morning I read some great verses from Psalm 149. “For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation. Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand” (Psalm 149:6).

My heart was lifted from the doldrums of living when I read that the Lord takes pleasure in me. What an incredible thought! Somehow, I am able to bring pleasure to God? That is an amazing thought to me! I am thrilled with the idea that something I could do would be a blessing to my Heavenly Father. As I said earlier; He has done so much for me, I am honored to think that I can do something to bring pleasure to Him!

From that thought, the psalmist shifts gears to remind us of all that God has done for us. He beautifies those who are meek. He takes we wretched sinners and gives us a spiritual make-over to transform us from filthy rags, to vessels that can be used by Him! That is all dependent upon us remaining meek and not becoming proud and haughty. We know that God resists us when we become proud. We also know that if we will remain meek and humble, that He will give us the grace we need.

The last verse of this section is what touched my heart. There are two tools that God has given me with which to serve Him. The praise of God, and the two-edged sword. I do not want to fail to praise God for all He has done for me. This is not only done in song in the church service, but it is done when I share with someone else how great God has been to me. I can do this in the line at a grocery store; I can do it going door-to-door handing out invitations to come to our church; I can do this by writing these devotionals; in fact, I can do it in many ways … but do I do it? The second tool God has given each of us is the two-edged sword we call the Bible. Are we allowing the Word of God to impact our personal walk with Him daily? If not, we need to begin today! Are we allowing the Word of God to be on our hearts and lips as we make our way through this world today? If not, it needs to become a part of our conversations and normal language. I want to praise God today, and to share His Word with someone!

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