August 3

There are times in every Christians life when we don’t necessarily feel like singing. There are times that we feel like throwing a pity party for ourselves, and inviting everyone we know to attend and join in. There are times when everything seems to be going well and we want to rejoice in all that God is doing. The reality is that whether things seem good, or things seem bad, God is still God, and He is still in control. Because of that truth, every day is a good day to praise the Lord! As much as we all know this, the truth is that it is far easier to praise the Lord when everything is going well than when things are not so good.

Throughout the history of the nation of Israel there have been many days when it seemed that the entire world was standing against them. During one such time, Israel had been taken captive by the powerful nation of Babylon. There was a strange request made of them during this time. The Babylonians asked them to sing the songs of praise from their nation. The psalmist asked, “How shall we sing the LORD’s song in a strange land” (Psalm 137:4)? It seemed that the Israelites thought it was not as easy, or even acceptable request to have them sing the Lord’s song in a land where they were being oppressed.

The reality is that as a believer, every place is an appropriate place to praise the Lord. It is also true that every time is a good time to praise the Lord. When you feel like praising God, go ahead and praise Him! When you don’t feel like praising God, go ahead and praise Him! There is something about praising God for the things He has done for you in the midst of difficult times. I was thinking about reading the story of Corrie Ten Boom thanking God for fleas during the holocaust because the fleas kept the guards away from the prisoners.

The reality is that our circumstances do not affect the goodness of God in our lives. Whether you are facing difficult times today, or times of blessing; God is still in control, and is still working things together for our good. The song that belongs in the heart of a believer has God as it’s focal point. The songs of mourning in the heart of a believer has our circumstances at its focal point. The choice for your song today is yours. Will you be singing a “blues” song today, or a song of praise? Where you have chosen to focus your attention will determine which your heart sings. I want to encourage you today to look for the blessings of God in your life, and sing from the bottom of your heart, praises to God! He is certainly worthy of our praise. As you sing today, your heart will be encouraged.

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