February 14

Today, being Valentine’s Day, my mind is thinking about what real love looks like. Today many flowers will be purchased, and delivered with the hopes that in those flowers, some sentiment of love will be conveyed. In my family, a great deal of chocolate will be exchanged. My wife gave me a can of cashews (nothing says, “I love you” like cashews for me). However, in a week or two, those flowers will have died, and the chocolates (and cashews) will be gone. Sadly, in many places today, love doesn’t seem to last much longer.

However, for me, I first understood what true love was like when I was a six-year-old boy. It was at that time in my life that I realized I was a sinner and had offended the holy character of God with my sin. Shortly after that realization, I heard the Gospel of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus preached. For the first time in my young life, I realized that this was the answer for my sin offense. The love that I saw demonstrated on that cross was not only good for that six-year-old boy, it has remained amazing for the past fifty-four years since!

Recently, I came across a song written by Scotty Wilemon and Marty Funderburk called, “Worth It.” Some of the words are these: “Lord, you had the splendor of heaven, a crown and a robe and a throne. So what kind of love would lead You to leave the safety of that kind of home? I know that You willingly suffered, but why would you suffer for me? I know that I am and don’t understand how I could be worth Calvary. When You knew I was lost, and You knew that a cross was the price You’d have to pay; when we cried, ‘Crucify,’ Lord, You didn’t have to die. But You did it anyway. Now I’ll never see what You saw in me, ‘Cause you knew I would never be perfect. But I’m just so glad that somehow You thought I was worthy it.” This song has captured the attention of my heart. From the first time I heard it, through the typing of the words for you to consider, it touches my heart. The thought that God would consider me worth the price of Calvary makes my heart sing out loud! And then I remember, that “… God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). This verse takes me from some dreamy kind of romantic idea, to an eternal reality. Some day … I will have the opportunity to ask God face-to-face, why He thought I was worth it. I’m not sure I will understand why, even with all eternity to explain, but regardless of the ‘why,’ I am thankful for the reality of my Father’s love!

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