April 18

I have told you many times of a statement my father always told us when we were growing up: “You won’t see a U-Haul trailer behind a hearse.” Of course, he was referring to the fact that it doesn’t matter how much money you have here on earth; when you die, your money stays here. Today I read Psalm 49. This chapter is full of great wisdom about our finances, and our perspective of those finances. Toward the end of the chapter it says, “Be not thou afraid when one is made rich, when the glory of his house is increased; For when he dieth he shall carry nothing away: his glory shall not descend after him” (Psalm 49:16-17).

Again, I see my dad’s common wisdom showing up on the pages of my Bible. Every time this happens, I am reminded of the importance of building a life upon the foundation of the Word of God. Most of the statements my dad has made to me that have stayed with me are from biblical principles he learned in front of an open Bible. These statements are riches that I can take with me when God calls me home! While the temptation is to accumulate as much wealth as possible here on the earth, the focus of our lives as Christians ought to be to gain as much of the spiritual wealth as we can from the Bible God has given us.

These verses made me think about what I can take to Heaven with me. It made me think of the spiritual investments I am making with my life that will go beyond this life into my life in Heaven. I don’t want to be guilty of focusing so much on the here-and-now that I forget the importance of eternity. While I think it is important to plan for our financial future, and the future of our family members, it is equally important for me to consider what I can take with me into Heaven.

Here are a few things I know will go with me to Heaven: The Word of God is eternal. So, all that I can put into studying the Bible today, will benefit me for eternity. I want to honor the Word of God today, because I know I will be spending a great deal of time in it in Heaven. I know that the souls of people I meet will spend eternity somewhere. I want to impact as many people as I can for the cause of Christ with the life I have been given. Last, I know that the things I have done for Christ (not for myself) will also result in crowns that will be given in Heaven. Of course, once we receive those crowns we will cast them at the feet of Jesus. I want to have some crowns to give to Him in Heaven. As my father said, “You won’t see a U-Haul trailer behind a hearse” … but there are some things you can take with you!

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