January 25

Have you ever had a time when a bad storm knocked out your electricity?  You searched all the cabinets and drawers in your house desperately searching for that flashlight you know is there somewhere … only to discover after finding it that the batteries are so old they are corroding the switch to turn it on!  You are in trouble without a light.  It is then that you discover an old pack of matches (or lighter if you are the younger generation).  You light that single candle in your kitchen and peace seems to filter into the room along with the light.  If you have even one candle lit, things just seem to be better.

That picture of light in your Bible always refers to hope for our darkening world.  It seems that we are in the middle of a storm as Christians all over the world today.  Don’t fear … we have the Light within us.  Here is the way the Old Testament prophet Micah saw it: “Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me” (Micah 7:9).

What a great thought for you and me to hold close to our hearts for this day.  The LORD will be a light for you in the middle of the storms life brings your way.  I know when our children were living at home and a storm was predicted that they would begin to gather the candles.  We all were hoping (in a weird way) that we would lose power, because when that darkness would engulf our house, the light of the candles made our home seem even warmer than normal.

You know what your enemy means for evil, your God can change to good!  Just ask Joseph, after being sold into slavery in Egypt and then placed in the position of second in charge.  Or, ask Saul of Tarsus, after being blinded on the road to Damascus and then becoming the missionary to the Gentiles.  Or, ask any one of the eleven disciples on the fourth day after Jesus’ crucifixion.  I think you get my point.  All the things mentioned above could seem to be bad, or that the enemy had triumphed.  Just remember that when you are sitting in this dark world, and it seems that your enemies are winning the battles of life that you have a God of light that is nearer than you think.  He will always make a way for you to shine brightly if you will yield to Him.  Don’t struggle today, light the candle!

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