June 14

I remember stepping outside of church one Wednesday night after having Deaf Bible Study. One of our young Deaf men had stepped out with me, and I mentioned to him how beautiful the sky was that night. The sun was setting, and the sky was a beautiful mixture of purples, pinks, and oranges. The Deaf man looked and me and signed, “plane.” I was confused, and told him that I was confused. He pointed to the sky … it was then that I noticed that there was a jet stream going through the sunset. I was looking at the beautiful colors and the majesty of what God had painted for us to see. He was focused on the trail of a singular jet that had passed through my beautiful picture. I had not noticed the jet stream, because I was focused on the colors. He missed the colors because he was focused on the jet stream.

Today I read two very compelling verses in Psalm 108. “Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man. Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies” (Psalm 108:12-13). This verse if very compelling, but it is also very convicting. You see, I find myself turning to others to help me in difficult situations, when I realize later that I ought to be turning to God instead. I am tempted to look at my situations, my challenges, my troubles, and focus on those troubles, and not on God. According to these verses, I have a choice to make when troubles come my way. I can look to man, or I can look to God. The choice is mine.

How many times have I been focused on my problems without thinking about the fact that I have a God Who is above my problems, and well able to take care of me? How many times have I listened to the advice of others, without even conferring with the Word of God? How many times have I made a phone call to a friend for help, before even considering praying about it, and waiting to get an answer from God? How many times have I gone into church with a burden that totally distracts me from listening to a message from the man of God, who is preaching from a passage that would help me with my problem if I was listening?

I am guilty of often losing my focus. Troubles and trials tend to do that to a person. Peter was doing fine walking on the water, until he noticed the wind and the waves – he lost focus and began to drown. I want to keep my eyes fixed on God today. Troubles are coming my way, and challenges will appear for which I do not have answers. I want to remember that God can do valiantly on my behalf. I want to depend on Him to take care of my enemies today. I want to trust Him with the issues of my day today, and I want to remain focused on what He can do, rather than what I can do.

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