July 13

There have been times in my life that I have needed to stand up to opposition, and to those who, it appears, don’t have my best interests at heart. Sometimes I have needed to stand for something that I know is not popular. These are not easy times, but there is one thing that gives me a sense of courage during these times. That one thing is when I know there is a Bible principle that needs to be represented and stated. These times are not easy, but they have been important, pivotal times in my life. I was raised in a home where injustice was not tolerated. If there was a problem between my sister and me, or between us and our parents, it was never “swept under the rug” hoping it would go away. We brought the issue up, and found a solution.

I often find myself in situations similar to the one described in Psalm 119:150. “They draw nigh that follow after mischief: they are far from thy law.” It seems that those who are opposed to the laws of God are closer than I feel comfortable with them being. However, I believe that God placed Christians in the world to be salt and light. Both salt and light provide something that makes a difference, not necessarily something that is unnoticed. Therefore, I have a desire to make a difference. I have found that complaining about those opposed to God does not make any difference in the situation, other than making me feel good for a fleeting moment. Something more is needed …

Continuing to read in Psalm 119, the answer is found for what is needed in verse 151. “Thou art near, O LORD; and all they commandments are truth.” The answer to every problem we are facing in our lives today can be boiled down to these two ingredients being present and powerful. I need to walk with the Lord in a very close relationship. When I stray from His presence, problems are sure to arise. God is gracious to us in allowing this to happen. He desires intimacy with Him, and anything short of that will leave us feeling the emptiness of loneliness. First, I need to remain “near” to the Lord.

Secondly, I need to combine that intimacy with the Lord with a saturation of my heart with His Word. When enemies approach, I am best served when I turn to the Word of God. Friends, and those in the world will have plenty of advice for me, but the ultimate advice for my life ought to come from the Word of God. I have found in my life personally that the times I have slipped away from God have also been the times I was not actively pursuing time in His Word. If you need an escape route today, run to the Lord!

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