July 29

“Everything rises and falls in leadership.” I heard this quote attributed to Dr. Lee Roberson from Highland Park Baptist Church and Tennessee Temple University. I have repeated this statement many times since hearing it for the first time. I have seen the reality of it working out in various situations. It is not only true in Christian ministries, but on sports teams, politics, and business. The person who is the leader has a tremendous impact on all those under them. If the leader is righteous, and leads well, the ministry tends to stay true. When leadership is weak, and inconsistent, those who follow are destined to a downward spiral.

Today I read, “Let thy priests be clothed with righteousness; and let thy saints shout for joy” (Psalm 132:9). When we consider the Old Testament and the priests who served, either badly or well, we can see the truth of this simple verse. Eli was a priest who did not rule his home well, and God touched the heart of young Samuel and told him to let Eli know that destruction would follow. It did follow as his sons were killed, and he died as a result. When the priest is corrupt, the “saints” who are following will be affected.

Some of you reading this today might be thinking that you are not a priest, or a pastor, so you are exempt from this devotional. The reality is that God has placed each of us in a leadership role of some sort or another. If you are a parent, that is your most important leadership role. I have often spoken in these devotionals about how little our grandchildren know of my position in ministry. They are totally unimpressed by my titles, but they are watching my character very closely. If I say one thing, and do another, they are quick to remind me of my words.

I want to be a leader who lives worthy of our children and grandchildren’s following. I want to be clothed in righteousness so other believers will be able to shout for joy for knowing me. I know who I am, and I know that I fail often. I am asking God to help me today to lead in the way that will result in blessing to all who are following me. I want to lead well, but I also want to lead leaders who will lead well. These children following me, and these grandchildren are very important to me.

I want to be sure that when I am gone, and they are looking through what I have done, they will be able to find a close relationship with God because of the example I have lived. This does not start at my death, but begins with the dawning of each new day. Today is an important day for the reputation you and I are building. Make good use of the time God gives you today!

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