July 30

A few years ago, this statement was uttered. I sometimes feel like standing in the middle of a church and asking the same question. Today I read a great verse from Psalm 133. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1)! There is no better way to explain my feelings than simply to read this verse. It is incredible when brothers and sisters in Christ can live together in unity. It is wonderful when a family is united. It is great when you are playing on a sports team and all the members are doing what they are supposed to do, and the team is functioning as a singular unit.

I remember coaching a six-player basketball team for an entire season (almost). The six players I had were not the most talented, nor were they the most athletic team I have seen. They did not have great height, and they could not jump very high. They were okay shooters, and adequate dribblers; there was nothing about any of them that made anyone fear from the opposing team. However, this team was one of my absolute favorite teams I have ever coached. The reason I loved coaching them was because they were one unified team. They listened to every command I gave, and jumped to it as a unit. That team accomplished far more than they should have, simply because they worked together.

Think what could happen in our churches if we each stopped worrying about our own agenda, and we all exalted Jesus in every word and action! It would be fantastic! I will tell you that I believe if we ever hope to change this world we are living in, we are going to need come together in unity centered on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I often feel sorry for God in my own life. So often I push Him into the backseat of my life, and I take the wheel. When that happens, we spend a great deal of time headed in the wrong direction, and on back roads that lead to no place important.

It is not only good to live in unity, but it is a time that is very pleasant. In our home church, we have celebrated our anniversary by reserving a Bible Conference Center and all going away for four or five days together. We have done this twice, and I will tell you that it has been some of the greatest fellowship I have enjoyed on this earth. We ate together, we laughed together, we were challenged by great Bible preaching, and incredible music. I can tell you that it was an incredibly pleasant time. Today we each ought to ask God to unify our hearts one to another, so we can accomplish the maximum results for the cause of Christ. The side-effect is that we enjoy a pleasant time together!

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