July 4

There is a picture of a French lighthouse, located in the Celtic Sea, North Atlantic Ocean that has always captured my attention. It is not the lighthouse that is so remarkable, but the scene that surrounds the lighthouse. There was a tremendous storm, and the picture is of this lighthouse with a huge wave crashing around it and covering the entire base of the lighthouse, as well as much of the lighthouse itself. That is not the most amazing thing about the lighthouse picture.

The keeper of the lighthouse heard the whirling blades of a helicopter, and thought it was a rescue chopper sent to rescue him. In the picture, he is standing in the doorway of the lighthouse, with the waves crashing all about him. The helicopter was not a rescue chopper, but a media outlet filming the devastating scene. It was reported that the man was able to step back into the lighthouse to safety and was unharmed. This picture has always reminded me that when I am in the storms of life, I have a great tower I can retreat to for safety and rest. That tower is my God, Who is revealed to me on the pages of my Bible!

Today I read, “Let my heart be sound in thy statutes; that I be not ashamed” (Psalm 119:80). Every day of my life there seems to either be a storm, or the threat of a storm that potentially could cause me, or our family harm. I am so thankful for the opportunity to sit each morning with an open Bible to find my hiding place. Note that I am not hiding from my problems, but I am finding a lighthouse that will stand against the storm that I can turn to for safety.

The picture of that man standing in the doorway of the lighthouse, totally protected from the gigantic waves crashing around him on all sides helps me to realize that my God is bigger than his lighthouse. The waves that are crashing all around him are nothing compared to the challenges facing we Christians in our world today. However, that lighthouse, standing tall in the Celtic Sea, is nothing near the power and strength of my God, and His Word. In a time when troubles and pressures of life seem to be closing in on me, I am grateful for Bible truths in which I can stand squarely in the middle.

As the storms of life crash about you today, grab your Bible, and a cup of tea, and go back and see how God has promised to take care of you. Rest in Him, and depend upon His Word. There is more safety wrapped in the truths of the Word of God than at any other place on the face of the earth!

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