June 11

When I was growing up, it didn’t matter if it was a concert, or a track meet, or a children’s program in church; whenever I stepped out on the platform, or onto the track, I always looked in the seats or in the stands, to see if my parents were there. It may sound silly, but when I preach, and I know my family might be coming to hear me preach, as soon as I go onto the platform, I am looking to see where they are sitting. More specifically, every time I preach today, I want to know where my wife is sitting. Why is it that I am looking for them? They are my support and a source of strength and encouragement to me.

I recall my first track meet of my life toward the end of my junior year in high school. I had a very low self-esteem, and did not believe in myself or my abilities at all. I recall walking into our football stadium where our track surrounded the football field, and seeing one fan in our stands. We had a very bad team (we did not win one meet that year) and we did not draw many fans. My friends joked as we entered the stadium that cold and drizzly day in March that we could only muster one fan. A tear came to my eye, and my heart actually almost exploded in my chest … that one fan was my dad! I was the fastest guy on the track that day for our school. There was one guy I could never beat on our team before that, but on that day, he followed me to the finish line twice!

There were times my family could not be there for me at big events in my life, but I have always had a Heavenly Father Whose eye is never off me as His child! Today I read a simple verse that reminded me that just as I looked for my family in the stands, or in the pews, I ought to look for my Heavenly Father. “Seek the LORD, and his strength; seek his face evermore” (Psalm 105:4). Just like I looked for my family for support, strength, and encouragement, I want to look for my God today for the things I am doing. Just as my family has always done everything they could to be “there” for me and to support me, I have a Heavenly Father Who doesn’t miss a game!

He is always there for me, but it is my responsibility to seek for Him today. That’s why I want to start my day with an opened Bible in front of me. That’s why I want to spend time in prayer today for knowing His will, and asking for His help to stay on the right path. That’s why I want to talk about Him and all that He means to me. I love to tell people the story of my dad being the only one sitting in the rain to watch me run. I love to tell people How God sent Jesus Christ to rescue me from my sin, and to give me a home in Heaven with Him one day! I want to seek His face forever!

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