June 20

This morning I read, “Tremble, thou earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob; Which turned the rock into standing water, the flint into a fountain of waters” (Psalm 114:7-8).

This entire chapter speaks about the awesome power of God and is worth a quick read. Sometimes I think we are all guilty of seeing ourselves as the center of the universe. I have heard people argue over the silliest things because one person disagreed with another. These arguments exist from the youngest children, to the seats of authority in the world today. The reason for these arguments is that each person sees themselves and the authority on the matter, and anyone who does not agree with them, is seen as inferior and just wrong.

Today as I read this simple chapter, it served as a good reminder to me that I am very insignificant when compared to a God who could create the oceans of the world from rock. I was reflecting on the things that God has done in creation and marveling at the spectacular sights that we have the opportunity to see here in our nation, as well as the incredible things we see all around the world. God is awesome, and His creative power is unmatched by anything we could ever dream of doing. The human body and the way it functions is a miracle that we live in, and never give much thought to until there is a problem.

But the most awesome thing about God to me, is the amazing love that He had for this marred creation we call human beings. Think about it. He made a perfect man and a perfect woman, and He placed them in a perfect environment, on a perfect earth. He asked them to refrain themselves from eating from one tree … one tree out of thousands … and of course, they chose to disobey and eat from that tree. If any of us was God, we may have wiped out these two and started all over again. But, we are not awesome, and He is!

He made the decision long before He breathed the breath of life into Adams lungs, that His one and only Son; His only-begotten Son; His Son in whom He was well pleased, would come to the earth, suffer and die on a cross, all to purchase our redemption from sin! This single act of redemption, when compared to all the physical miracles of creation, is the greatest miracle that we have ever known. The fact that God loved us enough to send His Son to pay our sin debt blows my mind. Today I hope you will pause to consider our awesome God. Revel in His creation, but also rejoice in your salvation!

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