November 13

A wicked messenger falleth into mischief: but a faithful ambassador is health” (Proverbs 13:17).  An “ambassador” is an official representative sent to a foreign government to represent his country.  When I read this verse this morning, it touched my heart that God has chosen the believer to be a representative of Him here in this foreign land called “the world.”  What an incredible responsibility we have today!  We are living here, but we ought to represent our God Who lives in Heaven!  How are you doing?  Sometimes I am far from representing my Heavenly Father in my daily life.  Sometimes I walk with God in an intimate way and feel that others might be able to see the affect God has had on my life.

When I read this verse, I reveled in the opportunity to be an “ambassador” for my Heavenly Father, but I don’t want to ignore the beginning of the verse.  “A wicked messenger falleth into mischief …” An ambassador that does not accurately portray the heart of his/her leader is called a “wicked messenger.”  The ambassador that is not adequately representing the desired message of their leader will bring mischief, or literally, evil.  What a powerful warning to each of those who are believers!  We are to be an accurate and adequate “ambassador” for our Heavenly Father.  If we fail to walk with Him and follow Him today, we could be attributed with bringing evil rather than the good God planned for us.

I want to make sure that today I represent my Leader very well.  I don’t want to demonstrate my normal selfishness, pride, hatred, or self-centered-ness that normally is my human inclination.  I want to go against the flow of my own humanity and be so filled with the Holy Spirit of God so that others can see Him accurately in my attitudes and actions today.  If I fail to do this, the results for some may be mischief, or evil!  I want to be a vessel that my Heavenly Father can trust today to represent Him well.

When someone asks my opinion, I would like to give His principles that I find in the Word of God.  In order for me to do this, I must spend significant time in His Word.  If I want to represent my God today, I must know His heart on the issues.  His heart can be clearly seen on the pages of my Bible.  The question is not whether or not this is needed.  It is needed!  The question is whether or not I will surrender to His plan for me today and adequately surrender to His will for me.  Today I want others to see my heart beating in unison with the heart of God.  I want people to see my love for the unlovely as a copy of my Father’s love for everyone.  Join me in deciding to be a good “ambassador” for God today.

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