October 16

The story contained in John 21 has so many facets that cry out for my attention, that I cannot do one devotional and leave the rest there.  For the next few days, I would like your permission to share some of these “Fishing Lessons” with you. 

Originally, Jesus called many of His disciples from the profession of fishing, to now fish for men.  However, following His resurrection, He found them back doing what they had done before His call.  Notice that Jesus was not content to allow His remaining eleven disciples to revert back to their former way of living.  “But when the morning was not come, Jesus stood on the shore: but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus” (John 21:4).  The lesson for today from this simple verse is that when God puts His hand on your life and prepares you for serving Him, He will not turn back again.  You may want to turn back … you may feel that you must turn back … you may even go back to what you were doing instead of what God called you to do. 

Remember this story, and look to the “shore” of wherever you are.  There you will see Jesus standing … waiting for you to return to “fishing for men.”  It touches my heart that Jesus pursued these men.  Don’t mistake what I’m saying about this.  Fishing is a good profession, and it takes hard work to do what these men were doing.  They were all involved in a “good thing.”  However, the thing they were doing was not what God put them on the earth to do.

Each of us needs to remember that we are not here on the earth to please ourselves, but we are here to please our Heavenly Father!  He has a plan for your life.  He has goals He is hoping you will reach.  He has a purpose for your life that you may not see, or will not see until you reach Heaven.  Rather than complain about your situation, or the challenges that you are facing, embrace the truth that God sees the bigger picture for your life and He is actively involved in helping you reach the goals He has for you.  It is comforting to me to know that Jesus followed these men to the shore.  He purposely went to where He knew they would be to draw them back to Himself.  He provided a catch of fish that far exceeded anything they could produce themselves (153 “great fish”), I think to prove that anyone can catch some fish.  There are those He has called to fish for the souls of men and women, and not everyone have the vision to do that!  Any person can drop a net or hook in the water.  God has called us for more, and He will not give up on us!  Look at the shoreline … there is Jesus, pulling for you!

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