September 23

The LORD is my strength and song, and He is become my salvation: He is my God, and I will prepare Him a habitation; my father’s God, and I will exalt Him” (Exodus 15:2).  These words follow one of the most amazing displays of power that mankind has ever seen.  Again, God proved His awesome power when He caused such a strong east wind to come that it not only parted the Red Seas, but it kept the water as walls while Israel passed through.  The wind caused the normally muddy bottom of that sea to become dry enough for 2 million Israelites to pass through!  That’s amazing!

It’s easy after God has given us some great victory to place God on the throne of our heart with the idea that He will never move off of that spot!  It’s quite another thing when things are tough and we become discouraged … wondering if God is paying attention to us.  It is easy to stand in church and give a testimony when you just got a raise at work … it is another thing to be able to testify when everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.  Let me ask you to examine your heart today.  Is God there on the throne of your heart today? 

Moses said that he was preparing God a place to inhabit.  Today, God is not looking for some cathedral with stained glass as a place to live.  God is not looking for some gold-plated throne to sit on.  God is looking to the hearts of believers as a place to rule and reign.  However, it seems that far too many of us have filled that spot with many other things, and God has no place to reside in our heart.  It reminds me of some churches.  I have seen baptisteries that should be filled with water to baptize new converts … filled with Christmas decorations … or VBS supplies … or choir music.  Obviously that is not what that was designed to do, and it is a misuse of the space.

Your life was designed to have God on its throne.  Have you replaced Him with something else?  Or have you replaced Him with someone else?  On the day we read about in Exodus 15, these Israelites were committed to keeping God on the throne of their heart.  However, it would not be very far into the future that we will find them complaining about God bringing them into the wilderness to die.  In a few years we find these same people making a golden calf while Moses is getting the Ten Commandments.  How quickly they turned!  How quickly we turn as well!  Guard that throne room of your heart today.  Don’t’ allow any “Christmas decorations” to take over the place that God alone deserves.  Crown Him King of your heart today!

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