September 29

How many of you remember a Christmas play in your local church when one of the kids in the front row kept picking his nose?  I sure remember a few in my time (I’m sure I had to be on the picking end of that scenario a few times).  Have you ever noticed that the father of that child may not even notice the “picker,” or if he does, he is not upset about it at all?  The mother on the other hand is petrified.  The scene their “picker” is involved in seems to last a lifetime to her.  She cannot wait for her child to return to her side for some scolding and to get them out of the eye of those horrible people who are laughing.

A mother has a tender heart for her children, but it is more than that.  Most times, a mother has had the responsibility to teach correct behavior to those children.  Any deviation on the part of a child is a direct reflection on the mother (or at least that’s how she feels).  The Bible says, “The rod and reproof give wisdom: But a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame” (Proverbs 29:15).  Notice that this verse does not say, bringeth his father to shame.  I began thinking about the correction I received when I was a child.  I didn’t always understand it all, but I learned to obey it until I gained understanding.  Did you catch that?  I didn’t always understand the rule I might be getting disciplined for, but eventually I saw the wisdom in it, and today I am thankful for it.

Growing up, we had many rules in our home.  We had “home rules” as well as “church rules” as well as “grocery store rules” as well as “in the car rules” as well as … (I think you get the idea).  All these “rules” were put in place by the main earthly authority; Mom and Dad.  By the way, that’s the way it should be.  Don’t let someone who does not intimately care for your family make the rules for your home.  These rules were established by loving parents to establish some guard-rails for our lives.  They were not mean to punish us (although if you got off the road and climbed over these “guard-rails” there was some punishment involved).  These rules were designed to help us live safe, productive lives while growing up.

I learned early in life that it was better to live within the boundaries than outside the boundaries!  I praise God for that!  I have had a healthy respect for the authorities over me ever since I was a boy, because I learned the value of the rules.  Don’t fight against God’s “rule book,” the Bible.  Trust Him today.  He knows what is on the road ahead of you, and He has placed those guard-rails along the road to keep you from falling.  Don’t fight Him!

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