April 27

So many times today it seems like those who are unrighteous are triumphing in life, while those who are trying to do what is right are losing. We often feel like our effort to live godly in an ungodly world are going unnoticed. This is not a new feeling. I believe from the beginning of mankind, it seems that good has been defeated by evil. The first two boys born to Adam and Eve demonstrated this very clearly when Cain murdered Abel. Abel’s only offense was that he was not offensive to God. It was Abel who had offered the acceptable sacrifice, as opposed to Cain’s unacceptable sacrifice.

It is worth noting that even in that story, God ultimately judged righteously, and evil was dealt with very strongly. Even though we know that God is the ultimate Judge of the affairs of men, it is sometimes difficult to patiently wait for Him to work. David understood this struggle and he wrote, “So that a man shall say, ‘Verily there is a reward for the righteous: verily he is a God that judgeth in the earth’” (Psalm 58:11). David realized that even though it seemed that evil was triumphing in his day, that God would ultimately take care of the situation, and all would be done as it should.

I don’t know what situation you are facing today, or even if it just might be that you have watched the news and seen the injustices taking place all around the world today, but I want to encourage you that God is not sleeping. He knows what is happening, and He is a righteous judge. He will not be fooled or persuaded to do anything improper. Those who think they are getting away with evil today, will discover at the Great White Throne Judgment that the Righteous Judge did not miss anything!

Be comforted today to know that it is God Who keeps the records about what is to be rewarded and what is not rewarded. Be challenged to know that God is righteous and cannot be fooled. I want to serve the Lord out of a pure heart. I don’t want to serve God in order to get something from Him, I want to serve Him because He deserves my best. I am tempted at time to “serve God,” so others will see what I have done, and I will gain their approval. Of course, God being the righteous Judge knows the difference between what is done out of a pure heart and what is done for self-promotion. God is the final Judge of those who reject Him, but He also sees what we are doing today, and He knows what is done for Him and what is done for our own benefit. Serve God out of a sincere heart today. You will be rewarded in due time for what you have done!

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