August 5

I have a vivid memory of Sunday night church when I was a young boy. Our family never missed a church service. My parents believed the if the doors of the church house were opened, we ought to be there, and we ought to be there early. We lived a good thirty-minute drive from church, so this meant leaving home very early on Sunday mornings in order to get to church early. On top of that, my parents were always involved in leadership, which meant they got to church earlier than most people. After church in the morning we drove back home, but in no time at all, we would turn around to return to church for the evening service.

Most of those summer Sunday nights (with no air conditioning), this little boy would get very tired. I often remember my mother telling me to lay my head on her lap. At that point, my mother would gently run her fingers up and down the back of my neck. I must tell you that there were not many things in life that I enjoyed more than the comforting touch of my mother.  Today I read a chapter in Psalms that is packed with incredible verses. Among all these verses, the one that touched my heart was; “Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me” (Psalm 139:5).

While I love the memory of the touch of my mother as a boy, I yearn even more for the touch of my Heavenly Father on my life and ministry. I remember a time in our ministry that I was concerned that God might remove His hand from what we were trying to do. The thought of standing to present the Gospel without God’s touch was horrifying to me. I was to preach a funeral for a family that I had never met. I was simply to hold the funeral as a service to the family, and a favor to a funeral director who was a friend to me.

I remember having the thought of the importance of the touch of God gripping my heart just after meeting with the family, and moments before the service. I found a solitary place, and got on my knees before God, begging Him not to remove His hand. I remember walking into the room, bowing my head again to pray, and starting to speak. I was thrilled when I gave the invitation that day, and watched as multiple people indicated their desire to trust Christ! We can do our part in serving God, but if His hand is ever removed, and we are left to ourselves, there will not be anything worthwhile come from our efforts. Let me encourage you to thank God for placing His hand on your life, but also ask Him to help you to remain surrendered to His will so it will remain! There’s nothing that compares to watching God move through your life! Stay under His (THE) touch!

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