August 6

Recently I have the privilege of preaching in a maximum-security prison. It is quite sobering as you go into this kind of prison and you recognize the security measures in place that are necessary for your entrance. Paperwork must be completed long ahead of time. Background checks are conducted on you, and your history reviewed. Personal information is necessary on the documents, including the kind of car you will park in the parking area. Once you enter the gates and are inside the prison, it can also be intimidating.

On the particular occasion I mentioned above, as I walked the long corridor to the chapel of the prison, I was escorted by a prison guard. I was not permitted to veer to the left or right, but was escorted from one point to another where I was handed off to another guard, who took me the rest of the way. I then waited in the chaplain’s small office until it was time for me to enter the chapel to preach. As the time came and I made my way to the chapel, two inmates came to walk alongside me. I smiled at them, and asked, “Are you my bodyguards?” With very serious faces, they nodded and said, “Yes.

Today I read, “Keep me, O LORD, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from the violent man; who have purposed to overthrow my goings” (Psalm 140:4). Now that is a Bodyguard! I am so thankful that when I trusted Christ as my Savior, that the Holy Spirit of God moved in to completely and eternally indwell me. I have the indwelling Holy Spirit to guard my heart from my own sinful desires. What an incredible blessing it is to be convicted of sin, and to know the nudging of the Holy Spirit away from sin, and to godliness. I am thankful that He is bigger than my sin! I am thankful that His Word coupled with His leading can bring me from ungodliness into godly actions.

Not only can the Holy Spirit guard my heart from my own sinfulness, but He also shows me the dangerous outside influences to my walk with God. He touches my heart in subtle, but obvious ways to me, when there is danger in a person who might try to lead me the wrong way. I encourage our children to listen to the still small voice of God when He is warning you that someone, or something is not what it appears to be. There are many who will try to deceive in the days we are living. They will dress in sheep’s clothing, but are really ravenous wolves seeking to destroy us. My Heavenly bodyguard helps me to avoid falling for their tricks, when my heart is in concert with His. Today I thank God for sending such an incredible bodyguard to assist me in my walk with Him!

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