January 15

Life is tough.”  “There are traps and “pit-falls” everywhere I turn.”  “The challenges I will face today will be far more than I can handle.”  “Where do I turn when I am faced with a fork in the road?”  “I don’t have the strength or wisdom for the problems I am going to face today.”

You may have said some of these things in the past week, and you were being honest about what was in front of you.  We are living in a very challenging time in the history of the world.  Things that we once thought were sure, have crumbled and failed.  Companies we thought would always be in business have become bankrupt and are gone.  Governments we once thought strong have shown signs of weakening and some have fallen.  Where is the strength coming from today?

The psalmist wrote these words many years ago about the nation of Israel, but they hold the answer to the questions we have for our own future.  “For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them: but Thy right hand, and Thine arm, and the light of Thy countenance, because Thou hadst a favor unto them” (Psalm 44:3).

There is a place of peace and security close to the heart of God.  This world we are living in will constantly pull at you to draw closer to it, but I want to encourage you today to realize that the strength you are looking for in the challenges of life, is found in an intimate relationship with God and Him alone.  Your money will not be able to meet the needs you will have in the future. Your health is not guaranteed.  Your retirement plan is not necessarily going to be around by the time you retire. 

The strength you are looking for cannot be provided by someone else.  It is only found in a vibrant relationship with our living God!  He was the One that opened the door for Israel to go into the Promised Land.  He was the One responsible for defeating giants like Goliath.  He was the One that parted the Red Sea.  He is the One Who will fight for you as you walk with Him today in 2012.

There will certainly be challenges ahead of you today that are outside your ability to provide.  Be sure, those challenges are not too big for God.  Lean into Him and allow Him to show Himself powerful on your behalf.  He is ready and willing to work for you.  You must surrender all that you have! You will not regret it for one second.

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