January 20

Here in the part of the country that I live, in the fall months of the year we have something that can be very enjoyable, or frustrating (depending on your sense of direction).  The farmers here plan ahead and grow a field of corn.  Once the corn is full-grown, they cut paths that form some kind of shape (if you are in a helicopter you can enjoy the shape).  They call this field a “corn maze.”  People line up by the thousands and pay money to get lost in the corn maze for hours.  I have gone to a corn maze a few times and usually with a group from our church.  We make it a competition, dividing up by teams or families to see who can find the exit fastest.  I will readily confess, I have never once been on the winning team.

Someone on my team always claims to know the fastest way out of the corn maze … claims are not always true.  Today I read a verse in Micah that made me think about who I am following today.  “For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of the LORD our God forever and ever” (Micah 4:5). 

Who are you following today?  Quickly you will tell me that you are not worshipping idols, and that you are following God.  The wooden and stone idols that the people of Micah’s day were following had no more chance of making it into eternity than that car you polish weekly … that computer you spend so much time admiring everyday … that phone you can’t leave home without … that FaceBook page you must constantly refresh … that TV show you cannot miss … that football/baseball/basketball/hockey team you must stay home from church to watch.  OOOPPPSSS, I moved from preaching and went to meddling (that’s old-fashioned language for prying into you business). 

Let’s face it; idol worship is just as real today as it ever was in the past.  If we are not careful we will erect idols of our own making in our own Christian home.  Take the challenge today that Micah made so clearly here in this verse.  Join him today in saying that you will walk in the name of the LORD your God forever and ever.  Read this quote below and surrender your entire heart, mind, plans (both present and future), loves, commitments … your entire life forever and ever to Him.  You will not regret it!

Whatever you yield to God He accepts – What He accepts He cleanses – What He cleanses He fills – What He fills He uses.  The process begins with you – it ends with God.” – Unknown

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