July 16

Have you ever noticed that the minority opinion is usually the loudest expressed? I get frustrated when I hear a few people trying to monopolize the majority of people with loud, and unending speeches. This happens in political settings. It happens in sports. It happens at church, and even at home sometimes. We believers have a holy obligation to stand up and be heard for the sake of our Savior. Today it seems more important that it has in the past, partly because we are so misunderstood by the public. We are categorized as being radicals, and oppressive, and even obnoxious … and we often remain silent.

I can remember a situation in a tenth-grade history class when the topic of capital punishment came up. I would say that 80% of the class spoke up against capital punishment. I knew that I was in the minority, but I spoke up and said that I was for capital punishment. Immediately I was challenged, by my classmates, as well as the teacher. When asked to give a reason for my position, I simply stated that the Bible spoke to the subject, and was pro-capital punishment. Immediately my teacher challenged me to present my argument from the Bible. I quickly went home and called my pastor for help!

Today I read, “My lips shall utter praise, when thou hast taught me thy salvation. My tongue shall speak of thy word: for all thy commandments are righteousness” (Psalm 119:171-172). This verse does not speak to a tenth-grade, public school kid standing up for capital punishment, but it does speak to us standing up and speaking up for the Word of God. The issue of capital punishment is not the issue here. Being bold enough to stand up for what we believe the Bible teaches on a daily basis is what is the issue.

It did not take long until I was in a work environment, and I heard the name of Jesus being cursed. Again, I had the opportunity to speak up for Jesus, or to remain silent and to blend in to my surroundings. I will not say that I have always spoken up, but I have always felt the need to. We will be given opportunities throughout our everyday lives to speak up for God. If we are in the Word of God every day, there will be times that what we have read will fit the situation we are facing. It is at times like that that we need to stand for God and speak up.

We don’t always need to quote chapter and verse, but we should be able to offer a word to unbelievers that will draw their heart to the truth that is contained in the Word of God. Speak up today as the Lord opens the door!

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