March 11

My wife, Terry, had a wonderful grandmother she called Mammy. She was adopted at a very early age and grew up working hard on a dairy farm. When her adoptive parents died, they left the farm to her. She then had six children. When their children grew up and began to marry, they signed the farm over to their youngest son. That same year, on Christmas Eve, he had an accident on the farm and died. Later she suffered a heart attack in her eighties and survived. She was the foundational piece in their family.

I had two very strong grandmothers. Both lost their husbands very early. My Grandmom Gable was left with eight children to raise, during the Great Depression. My Grandmom Bracelin was left with four young children to raise during the same time period. Both women were incredibly strong, and survived the trauma of losing a husband early, and having to be the sole provider for their families. They were both foundational pieces to our family.

The foundation that each of these very strong women had was our Heavenly Father. I would not think that any of them would have had the success in raising their children that they had without their total dependence upon God. Today I read, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? The LORD is in his holy temple, the LORD’s throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men” (Psalm 11:3-4). We seem to be living in a time where many people’s foundations are shifting with every passing day.

How can we remain true and stedfast? How can we maintain a lifestyle that will accurately reflect Jesus Christ? The reality of verse 3 is clearly stated. If the foundation is destroyed, there is very little hope for the righteous. However, the triumph of the first seven words of verse four hold the answer. Troubles are going to come to every family. It came to ours, and it has come to yours. There will be troubles ahead. How can we (the righteous) expect to succeed when they happen?

We will only succeed if we follow the example of these godly women I have told you about in my own family. Complete dependence upon God will help you to stand when troubles come to you and yours. The Lord is still firmly entrenched on His throne in Heaven. His eyes are still moving about the events of this world, and He still knows what is happening. He has not lost His power, and He has not lost His position. Lean on Him today! Make God your strong foundation, and the storms of life will not move you!

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