May 22

Then said Jesus unto them, ‘When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am He, and that I do nothing of Myself; but as My Father hath taught Me, I speak these things.  And He that sent Me is with Me: the Father hath not left Me alone; for I do always those things that please Him’” (John 8:28-29).

Jesus was facing His doubters face to face.  They were challenging everything He did, every word He spoke, and every miracle He performed.  When they challenged Him about Who His Father was, He responded with these verses in John 8.  Verse 28 really hit my heart today.  Jesus would be lifted up on the cross at Golgotha … and it would be these very challengers He faced in this chapter that would deliver Him to be crucified.  He spoke very true words in these verses (as always), when He said that He was doing nothing of Himself, but was simply following every wish of His Father. 

You and I are the reason Jesus had to be lifted up from the earth on that cross.  It was our sin and God’s love that sent Jesus to the cross.  Today as I think back to that horrible day when Jesus was crucified, my heart is torn.  On one hand I am incredibly ashamed at my sin that demanded such a high price.  On the other hand I am incredibly thankful for the love of God that would not allow me to slide into Hell without Him offering me an option of forgiven sins and Heaven!  What incredible love this was and is! 

Jesus also said that when they lifted Him up on that cross, they would realize that He was Who He said He was.  They would find out that He was the very Son of God!  The Romans centurion who came to remove Jesus’ body from that cross made that very statement … “Truly this was the Son of God” (Matthew 27:54).  When the sun went dark in the middle of the day; and the earth shook; and the veil of the temple was ripped in two from the top to the bottom; and graves were opened … and three days later Jesus was seen walking the streets again … there would be no doubt! It is important today that we realize that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ is not simply a good story, but that it is the pivotal point in the history of the world.  If it is not the pivotal point in your own personal life, it must be before you can touch Heaven.  For those of us who are saved, it is imperative that we continue to lift our Savior up in our lives.  Elevate His love in your life today.  Lift high His passion for the lost.  Honor the Word of God like Jesus did in His life.  Live totally sold out for God like Jesus did and allow Him to draw men to Him.  He deserves the place of prominence!

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