November 10

Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still.  Selah” (Psalm 4:4).

Why is it that we have more technology that is designed to help us get more done in less time, and it seems we have less time to get things done today than ever before?  The pace of life seems so intense at times that I often feel like a mouse on a wheel … running and running while getting nowhere!  Have you ever felt that way?  I’m sure you have, and I am sure that every other person who has ever lived on this earth has felt that way as well.  Today I want you to consider the verse above.  Would you do what it says for a moment? 

Would you simply stand in awe of your God for a bit today?  To do this, it will require you to take a step away from sin and sinful thoughts.  As the verse says, we are to “Stand in awe, and sin not.”  If we are each honest with ourselves, we must admit that sin is one of the main reasons we don’t spend more time in awe of our God. Oh, it seems easier in church where you are corporately praising God … but even there, if we have carried our load of unconfessed sin there, we cannot fully see the face of our God. 

For a moment today dwell on the love of God (go to Calvary for a moment).  For a moment today dwell on mercy of God (go to the load of sin you dropped at the feet of Jesus that He took to the cross for you).  For a moment dwell on the righteousness, purity and holiness of God.  Take a moment dwell on the creative power of God and the beauty that is all around you and is not “man-made.”  For a moment dwell on what Heaven will be like … without sin, sickness, pain, darkness.  Think about how God made a way for each of us to be there with Him through His Son.  For a moment today, dwell on the convicting, and convincing ministry the Holy Spirit has within you as a believer.  We have a “jaw-dropping” God!

The verse above admonishes us to spend time in that quietness to “commune with your own heart.”  When we take the time to consider our incredible God, it will reveal the actual condition of our own sinful heart.  This is also a good practice for us each day.  Too much of our time is spent making excuses for our deceitful and desperately wicked heart.  We need to examine it, see it for what it is, and surrender the control of it to that awesome God every day.

The last part of this verse simply says to “be still.”  Good advice.  Stop running around trying to solve your problems.  Be still and let God do it!

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