June 6

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands” (Psalm 100:1).

As I read this verse this morning, I thought about all the joyful noises I hear around me. From my kitchen table in the morning when I am reading my bible I hear the “joyful noise” of the birds singing. Recently in our area I have heard the “joyful noise” of the thunder as the spring thunderstorms rolled through, and the “joyful noise” of the rain that comes with it. When I am sitting in a tree stand in the fall months, I hear the “joyful noise” of squirrels barking (okay, I’ve got to be honest; sometimes this gets annoying), and birds wings flittering about me. I love the “joyful noise” of the brooks in central Pennsylvania running over the rocks.

I definitely enjoy the “joyful noise” of the belly laughs from our grandchildren, and even the cries from them as well. I’m grateful for the beautiful music and the harmonies I am able to hear when in church, or listening to the radio. I am thankful that I can raise my own voice in praise to God (notice I did not claim that it was beautiful). I enjoy the “joyful noise” of my wife’s breathing when she is in deep sleep. I love the joyful noise of a preacher (regardless of their age or ability) standing with the Word of God and proclaiming their message for any who will listen. I enjoy the “joyful noise” of hearing a hymn I know well sung in the Ukrainian language!

Now, as most of you know who read these every day, my wife and I work with the Deaf. One of the things that has always burdened my heart greatly is the fact that they don’t have the opportunity here to hear these joyful noises. However, the Deaf I know are a part of some of the most joyful noises I have heard in my life. What am I talking about? I love to hear Allen make noises when he is preaching, and he gets very animated. I love to hear Ronnie and the noises that come out of him when he is imitating various American presidents. I love to hear John when he is singing songs he wrote himself, as small sounds escape during his unaccompanied songs. I love to hear Paul sing out loudly during the congregational hymns sung at our home church. I love to hear the laughter of the Deaf during our meetings.

These are a “joyful noise unto the Lord” as much as the most beautiful symphonies ever played by skilled musicians. What I want to leave you with today is this thought: If a person who cannot hear a sound can offer a “joyful noise unto the Lord” … what’s your excuse for not joining them? Clear the pipes and let it rip for the Lord today!

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