November 25

If there seems to be one constant theme in our lives it seems to be that there is nothing that is constant.  We see things changing that we never thought would change in our life-time.  We see people we never thought would change, making radical changes in their appearance, relationships, jobs, and even in doctrinal standards.  What ever happened to finding out the truth and standing firmly on it?  Today I read, “My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change” (Proverbs 24:21).

Now, I’m not saying that all change is bad.  There have been some changes that were great … indoor plumbing for one.  However, in a day when change seems to be the norm, it is very important that we realize there are still absolutes.  More and more people are abandoning the idea that there are some things that should never change.  This verse warns us to be careful about following someone that easily changes positions.  The warning is where my eyes focused initially in this verse, but the opening statement is the key to the verse.

Fear thou the LORD” is the key to the idea of remaining solidly in the center of truth.  When I stood before my ordination council in 1981, one of the positions I had written and was defending came into question.  One of the pastors on my council told me that a famous and highly respected theologian of our day had once held to the position I had given, but that he had recently changed that position.  His question was if I would now consider changing my position to match his new thought on the issue.

There are many today who once held the truths of Scripture in high regard.  There are many today who have now decided that (because of pressure from the world or even pressure from other evangelical believers) they now need to “get with the times” and change where they once stood.  I believe God placed this warning in our Bible for such a time as this.  We are living in an ever-changing world today.  Unfortunately, too many churches and believers have decided to change as well.  How does that happen?

When we begin to fear man and their opinions more than we fear the Lord, we are in danger of changing along with them.  My challenge for all reading this today is that we stay in the Word of God and then stand where it says we ought to stand.  God is not a politician looking for votes.  He stated clearly what He wants us to do in the Bible to live in a way that pleases Him.  Let’s determine to stay by the stuff and not be easily moved!

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